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Guidelines for submissions

Submission should be made electronically and must include a 100-150 word abstract of the article's content. All text must be at double space, with numbered pages. Articles should not exceed 10,0000 words, including footnotes. Tables, maps and illustrations should include a caption and source information. Artwork can be sent electronically or via regular mail.

All articles in Mesoamérica appear in Spanish. If the manuscript is accepted for publication and is not already in Spanish, we may ask that you translate it or contribute to translation costs.

At the time of publication, we will require original production-ready photos, maps, and illustrations. It is generally the author's responsibility to secure publication rights for any illustrations or other materials under copyright.

Authors are requested to incorporate non-bibliographic material into the text to help minimize footnotes.

Citations and bibliographic references

All bibliographic citations and references must be in footnote format in the following order (please use examples below as a guide; do not use idem, ibidem, op. cit., etc.):

  1. Author's full name, as it appears in the original document; name(s) followed by last name(s).

  2. Title of book in the original language, in italics, or title of article or essay in "quotation marks" (if an essay appeared in a collective work, please include the work's title and the name of the editor after the word, "en."

  3. Edition or number of volumes (tomos), if more than one were published (use arabic numerals). If the work is part of a collection, include the series name too.

  4. Include (between parentheses) place of publication followed by a ":", publisher, and year(s) of publication.

    In the case of a periodical publication, indicate title, volume (if available) followed by a colon, number, date (in parenthesis), volume cited, if applicable (roman numerals), and page numbers (use "pág." or "págs."), if citing an article or quoting a section.

  5. Page(s) number(s) cited (use "pág." or"págs."). If the reference is to an article in general, include both initial and final page numbers.

  6. Use semi-colon ";" between books or articles cited in the same footnote.

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